Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD)

Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) is a term that describes injuries that can occur after a sports collision, motor vehicle accident or slip and fall. There can be a constellation of complaints including neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, dizziness and pain radiating into the arms. Most healthcare practitioners agree that a conservative, nonsurgical approach is the best method of treating WAD. Research studies show that chiropractic care tends to be Benefits Of Yacon Syrup very favorable for pain relief and function restoration in the treatment of Whiplash Associated Disorders.It must be said that “whiplash” is more of a layman’s term than a medical term. It describes a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back and forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip. Of course, this violent movement during an accident, can cause damage to tissues of the neck, especially soft tissues.

Soft tissues of the neck include muscles, ligaments and fascia. Damage can also occur to the small joints between the neck bones, which are called the cervical vertebrae. These joints, called the facet joints, can become misaligned and moving properly.

There has been much research into Whiplash Associated Disorders. Studies usually address the immediate period following injury which is called the acute phase (less than two weeks), the subacute phase (2-12 weeks) and the chronic phase (three months and longer).

It should be noted that a consensus of research studies showed that exercise, and cervical manipulation and mobilization were recommended for pain relief and restoration of function Yacon Yeast in every phase of recovery. Perhaps surprisingly, immobilization and lack of movement, as one would have when wearing a soft neck collar was ineffective and may even impede recovery.

Chiropractic care in the treatment of WAD involves manipulation and mobilization. These two forms of treatment focus on restoring normal alignment and proper motion to the facet joints of the cervical spine. This helps patients to gain pain relief and the ability to restore normal function to activities of daily living which occur at home, work, and recreational and social endeavors.

Exercises, which are commonly recommended by doctors of chiropractic, focus on stretching and strengthening soft tissues. These exercises speed healing and pain relief and help, long-term, to improve upper body posture to keep painful conditions from recurring.

It is best if chiropractic care is initiated in the acute and subacute phases. Damage to soft tissues and the facet joints of the cervical spine have the best chance to heal when treatment is initiated in the first three months following an accident to achieve pain relief. Deleterious permanent effects like scar tissue, degeneration and arthritis are more likely to occur if chiropractic treatment is not administered early in the restorative process. https://www.healthsawy.com/benefits-of-yacon-syrup/

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Muscles Building

On average, by the time we reach the age 60 we lose about 30 percent of our muscle mass. These are the things most people take for granted because of age. The first thought is right, no one can stop aging, however, we can change most of the age-related issues that come along with it. Muscle loss is no different to other things that come along with aging. There are several reasons for any health issues that come along with age and muscle loss isn’t the only one. Yes, our body slows down with age, for some sooner than others. Retirement means less activity, longer nights, 11 Studied Way to Suppress Hunger and shorter days. Some of our habits change and so does our lifestyle. That means there are things we don’t have to do any longer, at least not every day. These are things our body is reacting to and brings along changes and issues. In retirement, for most people one of the most enjoyments of life is doing less or as little as possible and the body will react to this. This is one way of losing muscle and putting on weight, there are many others such as diet, nutrition, exercise, activities etc.

The diet is the first thing to question, is it lacking some of the things the body needs to build muscle? Minerals, which is most common our body can miss  Appetite  minerals without noticing anything for some time. Vitamins and protein, we know protein builds muscle. But, wait a minute, don’t just rush of to the store for a protein shake, or some spirulina supplement which is worthless as a protein source.

Not only the Diet:

Where does protein come from? It’s not only the diet or exercise, although an important part of it. At an older age the body produces less or is harder for the body to make protein. Not having enough protein, we lose muscle mass that could mean the hair gets brittle, the immune system becomes sluggish, the bones become weaker and brittle subject to fracture and breakage, as well sagging of the skin. That’s not all, lack of protein can bring on anxiety, depression, the sex drive suffers, these are just the major things that can happen. Yes, the diet like in many health issues has a lot to do with it. We assume that all the protein comes from the diet and what we eat, but that is not the only source of protein.

Proteins made by the body with the help of the right diet, so the body can make amino acids where the proteins come from. The other problem with age comes absorption or lack of it. It is not always the case that proteins made by the body from the diet used to build muscles. Because lack of absorption, protein can turn into excess glucose and not used only for muscles. The same can apply to any supplement pills you take; the absorption may only be a small percentage, and most is of no benefit. Unless a mixture of things you take together is right the body misses out.

For instance, the highest source of dietary protein is in whole eggs, do not remove the yolk like some trying to tell you, make sure to use whole – egg. Eggs have an AAU (Amino Acid Utilization) of 47 percent. As well as fish, meat, poultry, they all have an AAU content of about 32 percent. For the body to work at its best so it can produce enough protein to build muscles, the digestive enzymes must also function properly. If the digestive system works correctly the amino acids will go directly into the bloodstream. This than becomes the building block for hormones, enzymes, connecting tissues, bone and muscles. That’s why the digestive function is so important for absorption, as well the right combination of the things we take. Otherwise all the things you have taken including the right food, instead making protein any extra amino acids get turned into sugar, which is not the outcome you want.


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Gaining Muscles

Tired of being the skinny one? Gaining muscles is the dream of every person. The heavier you lift, the more your strength and muscles will be. You might have heard a lot about it, right? Well this is true. Strength is the key. More the number of your lifts, more will be the muscles. They will begin to grow naturally without the aid of supplements. Some people do a lot of isolation exercises Smile Wrinkles Around Mouth and take a lot of supplements but that rarely works. Natural builders do lots of squats, deadlift, rows. They challenge themselves by lifting heavy and thus it shows up on their body. You need dedication and some time to see the results. These are few tips which you can follow:

1. Develop strength:

As discussed earlier, strength development should be your ultimate aim. Focus on developing it by lifting heavy. It is not advised for beginners as heavy weights can cause you smile additional health issues. Increase your strength slowly with time. Challenge yourself by adding weights with normal exercises.

2. Increase frequency:

The more you train yourself, the faster your muscles will grow. Increase your strength training exercises. Do squats and lifts three to four times a week than one.

3. Be consistent:

The results will take time to finally show up on your body. Stay consistent. Don’t lose hope and keep working out. The hard work will indeed pay off. Even a slightest change in your muscle should encourage you to work more harder.

4. Watch out your diet:

Only exercise cannot yield you the benefits. You need to watch out your diet for maximal results. Don’t keep yourself starving, have a balanced diet with more amount of protein and less carbs. Check your pre and post workout diet. Consult your dietician and set up a diet plan.

5. Recover:

Your muscles need time to recover and grow bigger. You cannot develop muscles by working out hard daily. Give yourself some time for recovery.

6. Avoid steroids:

Don’t be in a haste to look good and start relying on steroids. Work out naturally, eat right and you will notice the results yourself. Stop idolizing celebrities because it will take time for you to be like them.

7. Do compound exercises:

Focus on such exercises which work on several muscles at a time. Do not skip squats and benches.Having a perfect and well-built body is not a myth. It just takes some time and dedication from your side. Don’t give up on yourself in the. https://www.healthsawy.com/smile-wrinkles-around-mouth/

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Good Health and a Sleek Physique

Many people who aspire to good health and a sleek physique, particularly women, eschew weight training because they fear it will make them big and muscular. Many others, particularly men, embrace it for precisely the same reason. So what are the facts? Does weight training, or weight lifting  What is Metabolic Damage?  make you bulky?Genetics and gender can define the extent to which that happens, as can age. Women have far less testosterone – essential to the process of gaining lean muscle mass – than men, and the process of growth slows considerably with age, although some growth is still possible at more or less any age.

Eat Up, Rest Up and Bulk Up

The received wisdom is that performing limited repetitions with a heavyweight is best for bulking up, whilst increasing the “reps” and reducing the weight is the preferred method for “cutting”, or definition. For many gym users the intention is to tone rather than to grow, and to gain strength without becoming bulky or excessively muscular. And up to a point that is sound, but it overlooks some essential truths. First off, weight or resistance training is only part of the deal if the object of the exercise, if you’ll pardon the pun, is to pack on Metabolic disorderlean mass. Over-stressing the muscle causes it to break down, but it needs to be nourished and replaced if it is to grow. This is where diet comes in or, more specifically protein. Protein is the foundation stone of muscle and without sufficient protein intake the muscle will not expand no matter how hard it is punished. This is one of the reasons why you will see guys in the gym who have been training all their lives and pump impressive weights but still look like the sand-in-the-face man from the Bullworker adverts of old.

On top of this, the recovery process is only made possible when the muscles are given sufficient time to rest. It is a well-established truism that failure to allow the body enough time in which to rest and recover will always lead to failure in the process of muscle development.

Grow With Gravity

This doesn’t at all mean that there are not ways of inducing muscle growth which do not involve barbells and dumbbells and clunking slabs of heavy metal. There is increasing enthusiasm for bodyweight exercises, that is using the natural weight of our bodies and the simple force of gravity to provide the resistance needed to stimulate muscle growth. It adopts the same principle and is usually a lot cheaper, but the range of available movements can be limited.

So the answer to the question is that lifting heavy weights can make you bulky, but only if this is what you desire and you stick to the plan. By embracing proven scientific principles and adopting a regime which includes consuming the right foods in the right quantities and taking enough rest, working out with weights which are heavy and become progressively heavier will result in muscle gain.

Phil Andrews is a freelance English-language content writer specialising in articles, web content and blogging. He is the author of The Best Year Of Our Lives, a historical fiction novel set in 1976 about a group of young people growing up in a restless West London suburb beside the River Thames.


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Kickboxing has various forms,

Kickboxing has various forms, points, light contact, full contact, K1, and low kick all require variable differences according to style, however, all have key areas in common. Many coaches and fighters alike train in a multitude of formats utilizing outdated and. Incorrect techniques and systems. As a fighter, you need to be aware of the various elements of  How To Get into Ketosis functional movement, and especially human movement each of the human movements can be broken down into further sub-categories taking into account sports specific movements and needs analyses for your sport. Below are the main 5 key elements of kickboxing strength and conditioning,. Speed being subdivided so it’s easier to follow and understand.

Speed – ability to move quickly but can be broken down into two areas;

Reaction – how fast can you attack, counter, defend,

Agility – ability to move your body quickly in various directions

Targeting – variable parts of your opponents body with ease and consistency

Timing – Timing is hitting your intended object and reaching maximum speed, right at the point of impact

Power – is simply Strength x Speed which is basically the explosive force exerted this generates power.


Any kick in martial arts can basically be broken down into four basic parts if we omit strength and power.





A lot has been written with regard to kicking, my aim is to keep it simple for this post. Flexibility – just because you have great flexibility it doesn’t mean you have good control, work on both as part of a warm up programme using them in tandem and singularly to  Ketogenic diet create a more flexible controlled kick.PNF stretching and RAMP warm ups can help with this, as a lot of kicks are interchangeable in delivery especially from the start to chamber point.

Focus – this part is simple ensure that you focus on one kick at a time practicing perfect technique with flexibility and control, if both don’t go together stop and practice kicks that can be controlled and delivered correctly at a lower height. Don’t lose hope, stay focused. When kicking look just past where your foot would or has struck the target, as thats where it needs to be.

Technique – keep it simple breakdown each kick into component parts and practice each part slowly slowly building in speed and power, again stay focused

  1. Fighting stance

  2. Chamber

  3. Extension of kick

  4. Return depends on the kick, e.g. back to chamber or back to stance. Think Axe kick or sidekick where you return to

  5. Fighting stance

Don’t fret about getting to the gym to gain more strength, your time especially for beginners will be better spent honing your skills before incorporating a good S&C programme.Trunk – commonly known as the core, the trunk your abs and lower back play a huge part in stability and power when conducting kicks so they also need to be used in a controlled manner when executing kicks and practising technique and strengthen

Anatomy of kicks

Spinning heel kick

Often seen as a counter kick this kick is in fact a strong and powerful kick if delivered properly remembering in various styles spinning heel kicks can be delivered to your opponents head all the way down to the calf.

When practising this kick take into account five key areas






Muscles used during the kick are

Gluten, hamstrings, quadriceps,deltoids,calves,rectus abdominis.

Two key stretches for helping improve your kick

Pigeon stretch for quads, groin and hips https://www.healthsawy.com/how-to-get-into-ketosis/

Reverse half moon improves balance, stretches hips, legs, chest and spine.

Side Kick

A uniquely strong kick and much utilised by kickboxers the world over. This kick has a number of variations but the key elements remain the same

Muscles used


Gluteus medius

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Nails Paints in Summer

It’s summer, it’s warm and you need a nail polish to match the weather and your mood. Which colors are you immediately drawn to? These are the best 5 nail polish colors for summer in my opinion. They are suitable for both the pool and the office, and you can Keto Induction find one to match your tastes no matter how tan or not you are.And if you can’t choose, multicolor manicures are always popular in summer!

Bright Lime Green

Do you want a color that screams sun and good weather? Lime green is your answer. Neon colors pop against a tan and look great on holiday pics. Green in particular suits both  Ketosis colder and warmer skintones and should be part of your summer nail polish wardrobe.If you are not a fan of greens, a strong turquoise, deep blue or even bright coral are summery hues in the same neon spirit.

Pastel Coral Orange

This is a color that reminds you of sherbet icecream and it is definitely worth trying in summer. Or Spring, or any time you want to look at your nails and smile.

Metallic Gold Or Silver

If you don’t like the idea of wearing jewelry to the pool or the beach, let your nails take its place instead. A bright metallic gold works great for warm and tanned skins, whereas paler or cooler complexions will look great with a silver or chrome manicure.

White Nail Polish

If there is a time to wear a white manicure, it is summer. But if white is too much for you, you can also combine it with other summery hues such as the neon green or coral we mentioned earlier. Get yourself a nail stamping kit and white stamping polish and enjoy low-effort nail art.

Smoky Gray

A smoky gray or taupe is both summer and office appropriate. If the only beach you’ll see this summer is on TV, give the season a nod with your choice of nail color. Choose a color that reads as a nude with your skin color and your fingertips will look longer and more elegant. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can’t go wrong with a glittery accent nail.Whether you are a fan of gel manicures or prefer to regularly change the color of your fingertips, summer calls for brighter and crispier colors than any other season. Leave behind the pastel tones of Spring and embrace colourful nudes and lighter tones. https://www.healthsawy.com/keto-induction/


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Positive and Negative CrossFit Debate

As we approach the New Year, I thought it might be a good ideal to rehash the reason for CrossFit workouts and reasons you may not want to consider Crossfitfor 2019. Although I believe in and use a CrossFit program, I can understand why some may choose not to. Below I will lay out my best arguments for and against partaking in CrossFit exercise.CrossFit consists of 10 Benefits of vitamin E a variety of different exercises. These include strength training and calisthenics. They are designed to work your whole body and not just one specific region or part. These are set up as a quick, high intensity circuit workout.A CrossFit workout is designed Vitamins to test your will and fitness. It is typically performed as fast as your body and mental fitness will allow. Most require skill or balance. A person should take the initial time and energy to properly learn the lift or routine.

CrossFit participants are a close knit community. They strive to not only be the best they can be, but also push their surrounding partners to kick it in gear. They will keep you excited and push you to levels of fitness you may have thought unattainable.

CrossFit provides measurement or fitness tracking to monitor your gains. In other words, you can compete both against yourself and other gym members. This is one of the many reasons that people tend to stick with and enjoy CrossFit, as compared to a normal exercise routine.

CrossFit diet and nutrition are also a big part of the overall picture.There are numerous tips and advice on a good diet or Paleo Diet. A CrossFit workout coupled with a good diet will provide amazing results!

CrossFit Negatives:
Many people opposed to CrossFit stress the importance of an individual program verses a class or group workout. Sure, all people are at different levels and often times a workout for one person may need to be different for another. This dilemma can be avoided by stressing proper technique and safety to newer participants.

Specific needs of a beginner are not often addressed. Since every workout is for the group, some weaknesses of a specific person may be detrimental. This too can be minimized with a properly trained CrossFit instructor.

Flexibility issues or prior injuries should always be accounted for before starting a rigorous CrossFit routine.

My Conclusion on Whether or Not to Use CrossFit:
Like any other workout, use common sense. Prior to starting any workout program, get cleared by your healthcare provider. By following good sound diet and training principles, you are probably a great candidate for CrossFit. I have personally witnessed amazing transformations of pudgy, out of shape males and females who took on the CrossFit challenge and became a person they thought they never could be. That is why I hesitate to say that this person or that person should never be allowed to start at a CrossFit gym. As long as they are in sound health, why shouldn’t they be allowed to give it a try.


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