Hippocratic oath

The Hippocratic oath that doctors take before they dedicate their life to the noble profession of saving lives directs them to uphold specific ethical standards. Unfortunately though, many are influenced by the likes of Big Pharma, who could have a conflict of interest with the practitioners of medicine, as their primary aim to expand their business is against the doctor’s – to treat.With the opioid epidemic causing thousands of fatalities year after year, a collusion between the Belly Button Bleeding: medical fraternity and drug manufacturers is often blamed for it. Doctors have been questioned for prescribing opioid painkillers excessively even for the conditions that could be treated with alternatives. In a recent study by the Boston Medical Center’s Grayken Center it was found that doctors who received gifts and other benefits in kind from pharma companies had been prescribing more opioids to their patients.The study findings are significant as the government is under increased pressure to stem the crisis by hook or crook. The researchers have NAVAL suggested that drug manufacturers should cease to market their products to physicians. They are also of the opinion that both federal and state governments should consider capping the number of payments that physicians could receive from the pharmaceutical companies.

Some significant findings of the study are as under:

    • The three companies associated with the most significant payments to clinicians were INSYS Therapeutics, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. INSYS manufactures Subsys, a fentanyl-based product which comes in the form of a sublingual spray.


    • INSYS Therapeutics also accounted for 50 percent of the non-research payments. The perks that doctors received for furthering the cause of opioids were in the form of free meals, vacations, payments for speaking at seminars, etc. The company is now under federal investigation on charges of marketing the spray to doctors and patients under the guise of a “sham” educational program. The company has a history of facilitating drug abuse; a former employee had notified that the company engaged in malpractices such as using the speaker program to coerce more doctors to prescribe their product which should ideally be used only for cancer pain. Doctors wrote 30 million worth of the opiate prescriptions for Subsys.


    • In 2015, 369,139 doctors prescribed opioids under Medicare Part D. In the previous year, 25,767 (7 percent) of these doctors had received 105,368 non-research payments related to opioids amounting to over $9 million. Non-research related payments were linked with greater opioid prescribing practices, the researchers however cautioned against associating cause and effect.


  • Payments included speaking fees and/or honoraria amounting to more than $6 million for 3,115 physicians, meals amounting to nearly $2 million for 97,020 physicians, travel costs amounting to $730,824 for 1,862, consulting fees amounting to $290,395 for 360 physicians, and $79,660 on educating 3,011 physicians.

Help for opioid addiction

The opioid crisis is one of the worst public health emergencies the country has ever faced. It has been affecting millions of people across America directly or indirectly. Apart from the prescription opioids, which are considered as the number one public health hazard if used indiscriminately, benzodiazepines and other prescription drugs have also been partly responsible for the country’s grim situation.

Any prescription drug, be it benzos, opioids, or even the harmless cough syrup codeine, is associated with risks. So, while abuse of these is bad, even using the drugs with the doctor’s prescription without being aware of the side effects can be detrimental. Subsys for example was found to have a bad track record and ever since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has resulted in 63 deaths as per the Agency’s estimates. Therefore, when it comes to prescription drugs, it is better to ask the doctor about the consequences and ask if safer alternatives are available. https://www.healthsawy.com/belly-button-bleeding/

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A connection between drug use and high syphilis rates in the United States was established by a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Sarah Kidd, lead author of the report, pointed out that two major health issues, namely addiction Nose Piercing: and syphilis, seemed to be colliding with each other.The report displayed a connection between drug use and instances of syphilis in heterosexual men and women. As per the report, the usage of heroin, methamphetamine, and other injection drugs by the aforementioned group almost doubled from 2013 to 2017.The report however, did not display a similar increase in drug abuse in gay men suffering from syphilis. According to the researchers, the results of  Nose Piercing: the study indicated that risky sexual behaviors associated with drug abuse may be one of the key driving factors for this increase in syphilis among the heterosexual population.

People using drugs more likely to engage in unsafe sexual activities

According to experts, people abusing drugs are more likely to engage in unsafe sexual activities, thereby making them more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Syphilis significantly increased among heterosexuals especially during the ‘crack cocaine epidemic’ prevalent during the 1980s and 1990s. It was observed that during this particular time period, the usage of drugs was connected with the higher transmission rates of syphilis.

According to Patricia Kissinger, professor epidemiology at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, it is common tendency among people abusing drugs to indulge in unprotected sex, exchange sex in lieu of money or drugs, and have multiple sex partners. All these are considered as significant risk factors contributing to the spread of the disease.

Syphilis rates are setting new records

At the national level, the occurrences of syphilis jumped by around 73 percent at an overall level and 156 percent in case of women patients between 2013 and 2017. While syphilis had been almost eradicated, of late, the highest resurgence of the disease was reported in California, Louisiana, and Nevada. Syphilis can be treated with antibiotics, but if left untreated, it can cause organ damage and even death in some cases. In women, congenital syphilis typically occurs when a mother transmits the disease to her unborn baby, leading to cases of premature birth and newborn fatalities.

Analyzing the syphilis cases that occurred between 2013 and 2017, the researchers discovered that methamphetamine abuse was the biggest contributor. The report revealed that more than one-third of women and a quarter of heterosexual men suffering from syphilis were reported to be abusing methamphetamine within the last year. The California Department of Public Health reported that methamphetamine use by people suffering from syphilis, doubled in case of heterosexual men and women between 2013 and 2017.

Why is it difficult to treat sexually transmitted infections?

Owing to the overlapping instances of substance abuse and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), it becomes challenging to identify and treat people suffering from syphilis. That is because, typically, people using drugs are less likely to visit a doctor or report their sexual activities or partners.

Likewise, pregnant women may refrain from seeking prenatal care and get themselves tested for syphilis owing to concerns such as their gynecologists reporting their drug abuse. To combat this issue, the CDC urges to bring about more collaboration between programs treating substance abuse and programs addressing STIs.

Fresno County reported highest rate of congenital syphilis

According to the report, the highest rate of congenital syphilis was reported in Fresno County in California. The county’s community health division manager, Joe Prado, said that the California Health Department analyzed around 25 congenital syphilis cases in 2017 and more than two-thirds of these women were abusing drugs.

To address this issue, the country took proactive measures such as offering STD testing for patients getting admitted into inpatient drug treatment centers. Patients coming back for reports were provided incentives including gift cards. Apart from this, for patients undergoing drug treatment, the county offered a care package comprising of contraceptives and education materials about STIs.

Challenges faced

While it is significant to have an increased collaboration between STD clinics and drug treatment providers, it is not always that simple, since these two entities have not worked together previously. Usually both these units tend to focus only on their relevant specialties and often fail to screen people for associated ailments like syphilis or other forms of STIs or for drug abuse.

According to Jeffrey Kalusner, professor of medicine and public health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in order to fight the rising rates of syphilis more resources are needed. He added that though policies can be implemented towards syphilis testing, these policies need to be accompanied with appropriate resources.

Seeking treatment for drug abuse

Drug abuse is often associated with the development of physical ailments like hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), syphilis and other STDs. These infections can be severe and result in rapid deterioration of overall health. The best way to avoid the contraction of these diseases is to avoid taking drugs or if addicted, to seek addiction treatment help at the earliest.

The drug rehab centers of Hillside Mission offer comprehensive evidence-based treatment plans for substance abuse. Whether selecting an inpatient, outpatient, or a residential plan, the detox process at Hillside Mission is designed to minimize the patient’s discomfort and result in a shorter treatment cycle.https://www.healthsawy.com/nose-piercing/


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How to be A Powerlifters?

Every powerlifter belongs to a particular division, the basis for this classification is based on the lifter’s level of experience, body weight, and age. Other subdivisions are “geared” and “raw” powerlifters, this shows whether the lifter is making use of a supportive gear or not during the competition. Powerlifting competitions take the most part of the day. The competitors usually begin with the squat, progress to the bench press, and finally end with a deadlift. Competitors are given only 3 chances for each lift, making it a total of 9 lifts per day. Mistakes cannot be ruled out  Endomorph Body Type Women in powerlifting especially if you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to avoid some mistakes that are common with powerlifting. However, mistakes are part of the learning process, and also it makes you a better powerlifter because as you advance in powerlifting, you will be able to avoid these mistakes. Even powerlifters that have broken world records at some point in their career made mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from it, and this helps to sharpen your skills. As you read further, you will see some of the common mistakes made by powerlifters.


#1 Mistake: Biting more than you can chew

Powerlifting requires a lot of strength, energy, balanced diet, and sleep. Beginners are mostly fond of attempting to carry lift that is not meant for them, this is particularly common ENDOMORPHIC for a lift that is not categorized within their age group and weight. As a beginner, you don’t force things to happen with dedication and training, you would eventually progress to carrying more weights.

The consequences of carrying weight that is not meant for your division is having your muscles tear apart, or breaking your wrist. This can keep you out for a complete competitive period.

If you are a victim of such circumstance, give your body time to heal before you start training again. This could be a little frustrating but don’t allow it get into your head. Now you know your limits.

#2 Mistake: Stick to your style

Often times powerlifters tend to change their altitude in a heartbeat. Mostly this could be as a result of inferiority complex, that is seeing other lifters whom you think are better than you are carrying loads in a particular way. Then, you attempt to choose their style. This can cost you a lot. Stick to your style no matter what the pressure is!

#3 Mistake: Prioritize your activities

Always remember you are a mere mortal and not a superhuman. Preparing for lifting sessions without having your priority list may put you in grave danger. You have no idea at which session you could pick up an injury, showing off in front of your friends is not beneficial and it really does not matter if you participate or not for your future career.

Final verdict

The key to being a successful powerlifter is by training hard and smart, being consistent and getting expert advice from successful people in this regard is the key. Also, you need to sacrifice a lot of stuff such as keeping your social activities at the back burner. Definitely, you will overcome these mistakes as you make progress. Happy lifting!https://www.healthsawy.com/endomorph-body-type-women/


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Irresistible Infections.

Self-quarantine at home plays a significant role in forestalling the spread of irresistible infections. However, this doesn’t imply that adapting the disruption in your typical routine is simple. Taking care of your emotional and mental well-being is fundamental, regardless of whether your time in isolation is brief or not.Since certain diseases can be infectious regardless of whether individuals don’t yet have side effects, self-quarantine limits the spread of the illness during the asymptomatic period. Investing energy in isolation can take a genuine mental cost due to its effect on psychological well-being especially in terms of autonomy, 20 Tips To Naturally Reduce Hair Loss competency, and connectedness.Being bound to your home as a result of quarantine can be overwhelming. Time appears to crawl by more gradually after you’ve been at home for an extensive stretch of time. Regardless of whether you are home with other members of the family, the feeling of separation can be powerful. Feeling disconnected can prompt poor rest, poor cardiovascular well-being, lower invulnerability, burdensome side effects, and debilitated official capacity. At the point when mental capacity is weakened, you may think that its increasingly hard to concentrate, deal with your feelings, recollect data, and follow instructions.

Although self-quarantine might be just temporary, even short times of detachment and loneliness can have negative outcomes on both hAIR loss physical and mental well-being. You feel disconnected because of the absence of social and physical contact with others. Individuals felt cut off from the remainder of the world. Notwithstanding the sentiments of social disconnection during isolation, it has likewise a more drawn out enduring psychological distress.

While individual response vary from person to person, still, you might probably have sentiments of dejection, pity, dread, nervousness, and stress. Such emotions are normal given the conditions. In any case, there are steps you can take to secure your mental health and well-being. It is important to remember that everyone copes with stress differently. Some people may be better able to adjust a quarantine due to resilience and overall personality.

The duration of quarantine is a crucial factor in identifying how well people cope. Minimizing the length of isolation can help. The longer restrictions last, the more pronounced the effects are. Prolonged self- quarantine beyond the recommended time may cause greater detriments to mental well-being.

The disruption in your normal daily routines can be one of the most difficult aspects of quarantine. Indeed, even brief times of physical latency can adversely affect your mental and psychological well-being. Your quarantine may be brief, but staying active may help you feel better and maintain your fitness levels aside from boredom that can come from being stuck inside day after day.

Remaining in contact with others fights off fatigue, yet it is additionally basic for minimizing the feeling of confinement. Keep in contact with loved ones by telephone and text. Connect with others via web-based networking media. Conversing with other people who are experiencing something very similar can give a feeling of community and empowerment.

People tend to experience greater anxiety when they feel like they don’t have access to the information. Rather than spending time watching cable news, focus on getting helpful information from reliable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), state and local health departments, and your doctor can all be helpful.

Apart from that, kids are stressed out too. Concentrate on keeping up a feeling of the structure at home and model sound, positive practices. Managing your own anxiety can help calm the fears of children in your home. Always remember the reasons why you need to be isolated from the outside world and let your kids that the home quarantine is good for their health and wellness.

At the point when you are feeling baffled or cooped up, it tends to be useful to consider the reasons why you are isolating yourself. You limit the opportunity that you may accidentally spread the sickness to others, regardless of whether you are currently asymptomatic. https://www.healthsawy.com/naturally-reduce-hair-loss/https://www.healthsawy.com/naturally-reduce-hair-loss/

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Organic Castor Oil ingredients

Everyone desires to get long, thick, and strong eyelashes. So for everyone who desires to have long, thick, and soft eyelashes should try the organic castor oil to achieve the desired results. Organic Castor Oil is a pure, pale yellow in color vegetable oil TO Posture Tips To Improve that has marvelous properties not only for eyelashes but other body parts too. The oil is way better than the other eye cosmetic products that are meant for enhancing the eyelashes. The oil is obtained from castor oil plant seeds. The oil is pure, organic, vegetable oil that is obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. The oil is safe for the people of every age and is not harmful until it is not used in excess.

Organic Castor Oil ingredients

1. The fatty acids present in the oil keep the skin hydrated and well-nourished.

2. Vitamin E is responsible for inhibiting the further formation of wrinkles and fine lines and also reduces the signs of aging.

3. Amino acids are there to keep the skin moisturized.

Castor oil ingredients work to improve growth by increasing the blood circulation and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. It can also heal the cuts and wounds.

The oil is the ingredient in many products either cosmetics or pharmaceutical. This oil is the ingredient of many Natural Skin Care Routine Products which are very beneficial for skin and hair.


nexpensivePeople nowadays spend a lot of money on expensive products to get the desired results which are not that much use and are for short interval of time. Some products are also available in the market that claims to enhance your eyelashes, but it is a temporary effect and is for a very short interval of time. Mascaras and eyelash curlers are fOUR WAYS TO IMPROVE POSTURE available in the market that provides you the desired effects for instance, but in reality, they can cause your eyelashes to shed off. Organic Castor Oil is the best natural way to improve the growth of eyelashes.

So if you want your eyelashes to look long and thick, you must choose organic castor oil. It is inexpensive as compared to other products like mascaras and serums.

How to Apply this Oil on Eyelashes?

1. Wash your face properly with a face wash and remove the makeup properly.

2. Use an eyeliner brush to apply organic castor oil.

3. Dip the brush in the castor oil bottle and apply it carefully on your eyelashes.

4. Make sure the oil should not be in excess of the brush.

5. Apply this oil carefully and leave it on overnight.

6. It is useful to apply this oil at night because it will get more time to stay on your eyelashes and will provide you with more satisfactory results.

7. Remove this oil in the next morning with the help of any makeup remover.

Improves Growth of Eyelashes

People who reach to some specific age suffers mostly the problem of breakage of eyelash and ultimately cause the loss eyelashes. During that age, our eyelashes themselves grow and then break up or shed off. The main reason behind this is that the eye tissues are not getting proper nutrition due to which the skin tissues which are present around the eyes are getting weak day by day. The eyelash follicles are not getting proper nutrition and cause eyelash to fall on slight touch.

Castor oil works by hydrating the eyelash base cells and providing the required nutrition to the eyelash follicles. It promotes the growth of eyelashes and also prevents the falling of eyelashes. It provides strength to the eyelashes and allows them to grow in a healthy environment. https://www.healthsawy.com/improve-posture/

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Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil is a pale yellow color viscous liquid that is extracted from the seeds of a castor oil plant. The constituents of this oil are extremely good for our skin health and hair growth. Organic Castor Oil is well known for the improvement of eyelashes and  Endomorph Body Type eyebrow growth. It provides sufficient nutrients for the cells to grow properly.It has many uses other than eyelash growth due to which it should be kept in Natural Skin Care Routine products such as:

1. This oil is commonly used in the treatment of many skin allergies especially acne.

2. It is helpful to soothe sunburns.

3. It is commonly used as a laxative as it causes the evacuation of the bowel by irritating lower GIT track.

4. The oil is also used in the treatment of ovarian cyst.

5. It hydrates the scalp and removes dryness of the scalp.

6. Castor oil is also beneficial against ringworm.

7. It is an excellent moisturizer.

Castor oil should be avoided by pregnant women as it increases the contraction of the uterus which may lead to abortion.

How to Apply Organic Castor Oil on Eyelashes?

Before applying it, you should confirm it whether it is pure or not. Because if it’s not pure, it will not provide you with the desired results which are the main purpose for its application. And maybe castor oil is mixed with some ingredients that may cause Endomorphic  irritation to the eyes and may lead to some serious complication so to avoid these issues check the label whether the oil is pure or not before the application of organic castor oil.The next thing is that you should not apply the oil directly by using your hand it may irritate the eyes. To apply this oil use eyeliner or eye mascara brush to avoid the direct contact of the oil with the eyes.Before applying the oil to make sure your eyes should be properly cleaned and free of makeup. Apply the oil gently by using a brush and leave it for the whole night. Wash it off next day with water or with a makeup remover. The oil is applied at night because the contact time would be more and cells are hydrated properly, and excellent results can be achieved in this way.

A Natural Way to Improve Eyelash Growth

This is a natural way to improve your eyelash growth many other synthetic products are available in the market, but they have different chemicals in it that may cause other problems to the skin and hair so to avoid these complications you should go for the natural products that are not harmful to us in any way. This oil is easy and safe to use and have plenty of benefits for our skin and hair. Another benefit of this natural product is that it is inexpensive as compared to many other products meant for eyelash growth. https://www.healthsawy.com/endomorph-body-type/


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Category of Hair Extensions

Have you always been tired of the way that your hair looks? If so, you are not alone. The truth is that in the last several year extensions have been gaining popularity. Perhaps it is due to the trend that many A-list celebrities are constantly changing their look with extensions, or maybe it is due to the fact that the advancing technology in the beauty industry has made hair extensions more affordable. Whatever the reason, women no longer have to look in the mirror Diastasis Recti in Men disappointed with their hair. Instead, they can have some control to change their hair almost instantly. Though they are becoming increasingly common, not everyone knows a lot about them Many people may think that all hair extensions are the same, but the truth is that there are many different varieties. Throughout each of these types, the goal is the same. Whether a woman is looking for a special occasion hairdo or everyday look, this little secret can dramatically add length and/or volume to their hair.

The first category of hair extensions is synthetic hair. Synthetic extensions are generally more affordable, but they do not look as natural on your head. Additionally, synthetic extensions do pose some styling challenges. Depending on the specific type of synthetic extensions that you choose, you may not be able to use some of your regular Diastasis recti  heat based styling products. That being said, synthetic extensions are often easier to physically apply to the hair, which is important to those who are tender headed.

Human hair extensions are the other type of extensions that you can find. These are made of all genuine human hair, and that is probably why they appear so natural when added to your own hair. Though these are a bit more expensive, many ladies choose to go with human hair extensions because they prefer their more natural and easy look.

Regardless of the type of extension that you are interested in, the advantages are fairly self-explanatory. By applying these extensions to your hair you will be given the flexibility to instantly changer your look. This may mean that you are simply changing the style, or the color, or the texture, or a combination of factors. This means that even if you have been stuck with thin stick straight hair with the aid of extensions a thick curly head of hair is not out of reach.

Before you take the plunge to get extensions, you need to take the time to understand what comes along with that decision. Financially, good quality hair extensions are an investment. They can very quickly multiply in cost, and with even basic extensions, you can expect to spend several hundred dollars. Additionally, you need to realize that your hair is going to experience some wear and tear from the extension. With any type of extension, it is going to need to be physically attached to your existing hair in some manner. There are different methods, but all of these are somewhat lengthy and uncomfortable to sit through. Additionally, the contact points of the extensions and the hair, known as the “attachment point,” can be somewhat damaged by the experience. Extensions also require some extra maintenance that you might not be familiar with if you have never had them. You need to find a professional who is comfortable and experienced with extensions and will not only apply them properly, but will educate you on their upkeep.https://www.healthsawy.com/diastasis-recti-in-men/

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 Vitamin C is an important anti-infection substance

This condition rarely exists where infection has been prevented from entering the body. Those who suffer from arthritis invariably carry a point of infection within their bodies other than, the joint area affected. By combating infection wherever it may arise, in teeth (gums), tonsils, bladder, kidneys, sinuses, appendix or others, you are protecting yourself against a future attack of arthritis.    5 Best Face Wrinkle Creams 2020  Vitamin C is an important anti-infection substance. Make certain that your diet contains citrus fruits, green or red pepper, berries and other foods high in the Vitamin C. A diet fortified with the Fountain of Youth Cocktail will never be short of Vitamin C. Mild infections can be overcome with nothing more than an increase in Vitamin C consumption anti aging creams where the diet has undersupplied this important substance. By fortifying your diet with substantial amounts of the C Vitamin and maintaining a natural existence (sun, air, earth and water) you can prevent infection rather than have the more difficult task of curing it once the infection has begun.

T. H. suffered from acute arthritis that brought him to a semi-crippled state. His left hand was completely immobile and a similar condition had begun at the hips, causing him to bend at the waist when walking, which could only be accomplished with the use of a cane. The pain made sleep almost impossible and for a year he had been using barbiturate to induce rest at night.

A three-quarter pack was prescribed to be worn for two hours, twice each week. Cold-water rubs were administered each morning with a friction rub of the entire body (the affected area to be rubbed gently to avoid unnecessary pain). Affusions of the knees and the affected area were ordered. The water pressure upon the affected point was determined by the condition of the patient, the rule being to avoid excess pain at all times.

A non-stimulating diet was ordered, accompanied by the Fountain of Youth Cocktail. Warm compresses were applied at night (heating pads wrapped in wet towels). Sun- and air-baths were administered daily, weather permitting.

Three weeks after following the above, T. H. lives without the aid of a cane. The pain had not completely abated, but at no time were sleeping-pills permitted and after the first night, the patient had slept satisfactorily from day 1. At home he remained on the non-stimulating diet (fortified with the Fountain of Youth Cocktail) for two months. During that time, he continued the use of warm compresses each night and cold rubs and friction rubs each morning. At the end of two months, the pain had subsided. T. H. then increased the scope of his diet, continuing the emphasis upon Vitamin C foods. One year after he had begun his new life, observing all the laws of natural existence and providing himself with large amounts of Vitamin G foods, the Fountain of Youth Cocktail and brisk wet and friction rubs, T. H. lost all the painful symptoms of arthritis.

There are millions hits on the internet search drive for Wellness – from mental to physical health. It takes quite a bit of research to find any one site that has so much to offer on all these fronts, let alone one that can combine all the needs for your innermost wellness – joy, bliss and beyond. For wellness’ sake you can stop looking out there, and take some time for yourself, a sort of one-stop-shp:https://www.healthsawy.com/?s=+5+Best+Face+Wrinkle+Creams+2020

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Chiropractic Adjustments.

When I meet someone new and they ask me what I do, I tell them I’ve been a practicing chiropractor in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh for 35 years. The majority of their responses, in some way, indicate they believe I treat back problems with chiropractic adjustments. This is certainly true. I am able to give patients pain relief for their back and neck problems by adjusting their spinal misalignments. In fact, I have always considered spinal adjustments to be the gold standard in the treatment of most back problems. However, there are adjunctive  Best Acne Products For Teens methods of treatment, that I also utilize. This article will discuss a particular adjunctive treatment modality that I also use at times called Myofascial Disruption Technique (MFDT). Myofascial Disruption Technique is a hands-on technique commonly used by doctors of chiropractic that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into connective tissue restrictions to help eliminate pain and restore motion.

Let’s further explore MFDT. Myo is a term that means muscle. Fascial denotes fascia. The fascia is a type of connective tissue that holds and connects different parts of our body together. Fascia is not muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, skin or organs. It is the diffuse,  Acne broad, fibrous tissue that is found all over the body that is somewhat flexible and allows our bodies to move properly. A good example of fascia is that found along the bottom of our feet called the plantar fascia. This fascia inserts at the front of the foot and extends back to the bottom of the heel. It is attached to the bones and the small muscles of the arch of the foot. When this fascia gets irritated it is called the plantar fasciitis.

There is fascia all over the body. There is a broad sheet of fascia along the side of the thigh called the Tensor Fasciae Latae. Another fascial area is in the lower back, called the lumbar fascia.

Normally muscles and fascia are smooth and the fibers form a flawless matrix. However, at times muscles and fascia can become disrupted. The fibers can become separated, pulled from their insertions, wrinkled or otherwise damaged.

MFDT is a method I like to use for these types of injured tissues. By applying pressure into these damaged muscle and fascial tissues we are able to repair the fascia and muscles and bring pain relief.

In October 2019 a research study was published in Clinical Interventions in Aging that documents how well this technique works. In a study involving 45 elderly patients with nonspecific low back pain, those treated with a combination of Myofascial Disruption Technique and core strengthening exercises three times a week for six weeks experienced improvements in low back pain and function, lower body flexibility, fear avoidance behavior, and overall quality of life.https://www.healthsawy.com/acne-treatment-for-teens/

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Bullous Pemphigoid (BP)

Bullous Pemphigoid (BP) is a chronic, autoimmune disease with blisters in the sub-epidermal part of the skin as its predominant manifestation. This condition may persist for months or years, with a tendency to spontaneous remissions and exacerbations.Since it may be confused with another similar sounding disease, Pemphigus vulgaris (PV), which also targets the skin, the distinguishing characteristics of each are highlighted here. PV is comparatively more  Best Toothbrush For Braces common, is limited to the upper epidermis, almost always involves the mucous membrane, features blisters which rupture easily, and has a higher fatality rate. On the other hand, BP is located between the dermis and epidermis, the tense blisters do not break easily, mucous membrane involvement is much lesser, and it is more amenable to treatment, though it too can be fatal in the elderly or debilitated people. Both diseases can be diagnosed using skin biopsy for Direct Immunoflourescence test (DIF) and Indirect Immunoflourescence test (IDIF) using serum. While autoantibodies desmoglein 1 and 3 denote PV disease, the presence of anti-BPA 1 and 2 confirm a diagnosis of BP.

The standard treatment of BP aims to reduce and heal blisters and erosions and prevent recurrence with continued use of the minimum possible dosage of medicines. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory drugs like corticosteroids, tetracycline and dapsone; and immune suppressant drugs like azathioprine, methotrexate, mycophenolate Toothbrushes  mofetil and cyclophosphamide. Doxycycline can be used as a steroid sparing drug, since it has been found to be more effective and with lesser adverse effects as compared to prednisone. Treatment of about 6-60 months is required to bring about long term remission in most patients.

The long term use of drugs for treatment is a major contributor to the morbidity associated with this disease. Steroids can cause and also aggravate hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, peptic ulcer, and bone thinning; these comorbidities are already present in most elderly people, and it is this population which is most susceptible to BP. In order to avoid the side effects of oral steroid therapy, potent topical corticosteroid ointments along with anti-inflammatory medicines can be used, especially when there is limited and localized skin involvement. Biological treatment with Rituximab may benefit patients who do not respond satisfactorily to standard treatment.

Since modern treatment may contribute to morbidity from BP, Ayurvedic herbal treatment can be used as an alternative since it is safe for long term use, and can effectively provide prolonged or permanent remission from the disease. It is pertinent to note here that Ayurvedic treatment guidelines and protocol for both BP and PV are similar, since there is no different treatment approach based upon the different layers of affected skin.

Herbal medicines which have a direct action on skin, subcutaneous tissue, capillaries, blood, and blood vessels are quite useful in BP treatment. Since this is an autoimmune disorder, the common principles of treatment for all autoimmune disorders apply here too; these include managing inflammation, allergy, chronic infection, detoxification, strengthening and rejuvenation of faulty or dysfunctional tissue, and gradual modulation of immunity. For the remission phase, treatment involves generalized rejuvenation of the full body, also known as Rasayan therapy; for this purpose, herbomineral formulations are used which not only activate healthy body metabolism, but also simultaneously provide control for inflammation, allergy, and help gradually build up true body immunity.

Patients who are refractory to standard Ayurvedic herbal treatment are subjected to systematic detoxification plans known in Ayurveda as Panchkarma, which may be given singly or in combination. These procedures include induced emesis, induced purgation, blood-letting, nasal medication, and medicated enemas. Since BP is mainly found in the elderly population, caution needs to be exercised while doing such detoxification procedures. For recurrent, localized skin involvement, simple blood-letting from a vein near the affected parts, or leech application in several sittings may provide dramatic results at almost no risk. https://www.healthsawy.com/best-toothbrushes-for-braces/


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